Manage Dry Cleaners


  • Manage you dry cleaning business!
  • Have instant access to sales and production reports
  • DryFi Proprietary system Highlight – Evaluate employee productivity with our employee “Sign Off” system
  • Employee accountability – Check who cashed out tickets, who tagged in orders and who took counter orders
  • Reports will show you how your employees are performing
  • Run tax liability reports
  • DryFi Proprietary system Highlight – “Customer Type” reports allows you to analyze where your sales are being generated from. Walk-ins, corporate accounts, Alteration customers, etc.)
  • Compare any current time period to last year’s
  • See what items are being booked, and percentages of Laundry vs. Dry cleaning, etc., specific down to an actual item (# of dress shirts in a week ?)
  • Evaluate % of business are pre-paid, vs. paid later
  • Improve cash flow with incentives for Pre-Pay, CCOF (get credit cards on file)


  • Coupons generated at the Point Of Sale seem to work the best. This method generates bigger sales, and more profit per order (they are designed to bring in higher priced items). MOST OF ALL, you will find that customers come back more often, spend more per order and try to take advantage of coupons before they expire
  • We custom design a receipt that contains coupons (there can be multiples on one receipt)
  • Depending on the time of year, YOU pick what coupons should appear on the receipt, and how you want the coupon used (Exp Date, Etc.)
  • Email Coupon campaigns – UPGRADE PACKAGE #2 – $10 A MONTH PER STORE (added onto the package #1 price)
  • ( it is $20 per month if you want E-Mail marketing only)
  • We Create and show you how to generate E-Mails and E-Mail blasts to entire customer base.
  • This type of marketing will increase business by “bringing back” those customers that have not used your cleaners for months, or even years.
  • This feature of monthly mass mailings are the same as the receipt coupons (custom E-mail campaigns can be designed at an additional cost)

CONSTANT CUSTOMER CONTACT (Some items are optional marketing upgrades)
(Customer Service section) 

  • Keeping your customers informed of the status of there orders builds customer loyalty
  • Our method of keeping track of orders, and it’s corresponding pieces, is instant.

As soon as you pull up the customer’s order, you can determine, and tell you customer:

A – If more than 1 order has to be picked up
B – If there are garments outstanding from the current or previous orders, and what type garments may be missing
C – The location of the order (It may by #, Alphabetical)

Before retrieving the order, you will be able to tell your customer “Mr. Jones, we are still waiting on one pair of pants”. You would be amazed at how impressed and comfortable they will be, knowing that “You have a handle on the situation”

Keeping in contact with your customers make them feel like you are their “Dry Cleaner”

  • All receipts have the customer’s phone number on it, so you can call them in case of a problem.
  • Detailed customer profiles allow you to know about your customers (Special requirements such as Starch needs, No plastic bags, and removing tags can be noted)

SMS and E-Mail functions

  • DryFi uses an SMS and E-mail system for notifying customers when their orders are ready
  • A – SMS – This is a text message. When the order is ready, you send a text from your desktop to the customer’s phone. These can be sent individually or in a batch.
  • B – Email – Email can also be used, which would send a copy of the actual receipt with the E-mail. Emails can be responded to, for a customer’s response.
  • The E-mail system that we use is invoked through QuickBooks, and works with MS Outlook (which is a 3rd party program that will be needed for this feature to work
  • You can accommodate your customer’s preference on a customer by customer basis. We have found that Text notifications are read more frequently than E-Mails
  • (marketing upgrade)
  • We can create “Marketing Campaigns”, tailored to your customer base
  • You will be amazed at the $1,000 of dollars in additional business that these programs generate


  • Tagging your garments will not change, but you do have an option.
  • If you do not want to use the standard Dry Cleaning tags that you purchase, DryFi has a tag printing feature. The tag printing feature is included in the monthly pricing.
  • These tags come in rolls and work with a standard Epson ribbon printer. This method is about 1/10th of the cost of conventional tags.
  • Our tag printing system identifies the customer’s name, order #, day and date of delivery.
  • Your tagging speed will increase tremendously, and there is less chance for error.
  • Assembling orders is made easier with tags that are identified with names and order numbers.
  • The receipt that is printed at drop-off, will be the only document needed while assembling orders.
  • This turn key demonstration below is included in the basic package!


  • Flexible Reporting – Run reports for drivers by driver, area, zip code and many other criteria, AmbassadorSoft will customize your request
  • Printout Maps for drivers when needed if GPS fails or is lacking
  • Mobile capabilities with 3rd party remote control software – keep in contact with the home base for up to date information and reporting
  • DryFi proprietary system highlight – Tear off system with customer details
  • DryFi proprietary system highlight – “Color Coded” bundle tickets for instant recognition of delivery orders; great for sectioning off delivery prep
  • DryFi proprietary system highlight – Striped “Day Tags” identify delivery garments for spotting delivery garments instantly amongst in-house items

  • Access any location with 3rd party software that we will recommend (same software we use for remote-control support/training)
  • Log-In to any computer at any location
  • Use as remote-control (as if you were sitting there) to run reports, or check on sales
  • Use to monitor employee productivity
  • Can be used from any computer, tablet or smart phone. Software will have downloadable APP