POS Functions

DryFi has 3 main Components

1 – Front Counter POS

2 – Order Processing and Tracking

3 – Financial Data Exchange

This is a brief summary of each function

Front Counter POS

Customer Drop-offs

“QuickDrop”receipt system

To expedite the drop-off produce, you would use a receipt that lists what your customer has dropped off by category (shirts, pants, etc). All pertinent information such as your company name, address, phone # will be on receipt, along with drop-off and pick-up dates and any special instructions. This receipt has no pricing info on it.

Pre-Pay Option

Many customers want to speed up the pick-up process. Our program has the option to offer pre-payment of the order at drop-off. You can give your customers an incentive to pre-pay in the form of a discount. This option has a dual advantage, it can greatly improve your cash flow, by reducing the amount of receivables you are holding as well.

Receipt Printing

DryFi  integrates with QuickBooks to print out customer receipts. Multiple copies can be made; one for the customer, and as many as you need to tag the order. The printers that are used are inexpensive thermal printers.

Menu Driven

Front counter employees are just a click away from making your selection. Graphical “icon” based choices are easy to find and read.

Invoice “On The Fly

Need to make an instant invoice? Just choose an icon on the menu.

Receipt Coupons

Want to create customer loyalty, return visits and increase your sales !We can custom create coupons that will print out on your customer’s receipt. You can pick from our library of coupons, at no charge. This IS ANOTHER FREE feature of your support plan.

No more hand written tickets

Our system is completely paper free. The old method of hand writing tickets is gone! No more mistakes from misinterpretating names, special instructions, etc. Your printed receipt is clear, and full of information

New Customer Adds

Add new customers instantly, in seconds! Put as much information as you want or complete it later. Name, address, phone number(s), emails, customer type, etc. Create your customer profile, then go immediately into your drop off screen.

Special Instructions

Show your customers that you take great pride in knowing how they want their clothes processed! As you are making the drop off receipt, you can add 1 or more special instructions (type of starch, folded shirts, etc.). These instructions will automatically become part of the permanent customer profile, but can be changed at any time.

Editing features

Editing your drop off receipt is easy and quick. You can add, delete lines; change prices, and add special notes that are specific to the actual garment(s) being dropped-off. Even add items that may not be in your “menu”, just for one order.



DryFi’s Speedy Pick-Up System 3 easy steps

  • 1 – Click on “Receive Payments”,find the customer in seconds
  • 2 – Click on Invoice(s) , to find location of order
  • 3 – Update the order process by marking “Picked Up”
  • As multiple orders are “checked”, the system adds totals
  • Multiple Payment Methods – Cash, Check, Credit cards
  • Customers that pre-pay or have credit cards on file, can just “pick-up and go”
  • Credit Card Processing – You can use a 3rd party processor, or QuickBooks credit card processing

Additional Methods Of Billing Customers

There are additional methods of collecting payments with the DryFi system. Most business accounts are billed on a monthly basis, other customers (especially delivery customers) have credit cards on file.

Credit cards can be kept in the customers profile. You can process them in an instant with either the Quickbooks merchant service, or virtual terminals which many merchant companies now have as a “QuickBooks Plug-in”

DryFi allows you to create, and send business type invoices via e-mail. Payments can even be made on-line, or you can mail them. Quickbooks even has a feature where they will mail them for you (if you sign up for the service).

Customer statements can be created instantly, to be sent to your customers, showing a detail payment history on their account.