Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software requirements

1. DryFi has no specific hardware or proprietary software requirements

2. DryFi was made to work with Quickbooks® , the only software requirements are Quickbooks® Pro or Premier desktop version for Windows, we do not support Mac at this time.

3. Since Quickbooks® no longer supports Quickbooks® 2014, and soon will retire 2015 we strongly suggest to upgrade to 2016 or higher for the best support from Quickbooks®

4. All software, operating systems, firewall, anti-virus or any other internal software on your computer must comply with Quickbooks® requirements, or Quickbooks® and DryFi cannot guarantee a successful outcome of the DryFi system

5. After signing on with DryFi, becoming a member, and receiving the initial payments, we will send you Quickbook’s® detailed hardware and software requirements to assist you in making the right purchases. A detailed list will be supplied.

6. The basic hardware suggestions for the DryFi system are as follows: Windows based desktop computer, with Windows 7 or above VGA monitor Wired or wireless keyboard and mouse Basic cash drawer (mmf small suggested) drawer opener model not required Epson or star thermal receipt printer basic mono laser printer (suggested, vs. Color Laserjet) ups power source (recommended) External credit card terminal Card swiper (if Quickbooks® merchant system is used)

7. Third party software (Optional) remote control software for delivery routes and remote management) (Optional) but strongly suggested) anti-virus protection (Required) remote access software – we will supply and pay for this program, which is used in training and support

*required – Microsoft® 365 (Outlook) with Excel programs.