FAQ: 1 – Q – What do I need to use “The DryFi System” for QuickBooks® ?

A – Software – Windows only, not MAC. Windows XP (not windows supported) through Windows 10. You need to install QuickBooks® DESKTOP (Not Online Version) accounting software first, so DryFi can integrate with it. If you already use QuickBooks®, it must be 2014 or newer, Premier version. If you don’t have it, you will need to buy the latest Quickbooks® version. DO NOT need to get the Retail POS software. Pricing is about $299, and it is a full version of Quickbooks® for a single user.

B – Hardware – Windows based PC – System requirements for memory, storage, etc. should conform to those required by Quickbooks®

1 – VGA Monitor

2 – Cash Drawer

3 – Thermal Receipt Printer

4 – Mono Laser Printer

5 – Credit Card Machine (if you are using an outside service, not QuickBooks®)


FAQ 2 – Q – If I need help with software or hardware selection or purchasing will you help us?

Answer – Yes, and we will give specific details on each hardware item, and the best place to purchase them

FAQ 3 – Q – How does DryFi act as a POS system also?

Answer – It mirrors the Quickbooks® POS system, without the prohibitive cost. It also allows you to check customers in and out with quick payment receipt functions

FAQ 4 – Q – What do you mean “DryFi is completely customizable to your business?

Answer – In addition to having your item and price built to your specs as an included feature; screens, reports and forms can be customized*

FAQ 5 – Q -Can I buy the program outright, or only use it as a subscription?

Answer – No, You can only use DryFi as a subscription. This entitles you to lifetime upgrades, new features, enhancements, and any software patches and full support at no extra charge, included in your subscription cost*

*After the first 30 days of going live, each request for a change is evaluated on it’s own requirements. Many changes will be at no charge, but others will be charged at a “per incident” basis.

FAQ 6 – Q – How many workstations (employees) can I have working at the same time?

Answer – With Quickbooks® Premier you can have up to 5 workstations (users).

FAQ 7 – Q– Is DryFi “Mobile Friendly”?

Answer – Yes – In fact, with our route control feature, drivers can log into any location to retrieve or change information with the use of Third Party software which we will recommend. Owners can log into any location from any computer that has the remote control software and check on the activity, as if you were actually there sitting in front of the terminal.

FAQ 8 – Q – Does DryFi utilize the Cloud?

Answer – No. We feel that there is more security and reliability with keeping all of your financial data with YOU!