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ABOUT US: Proven Dry Cleaning POS System for a Turn-Key Operation. On Site or Remotely or Mobile.
“The World’s First Dry Cleaning Software to Work with QuickBooks®”

About Us: With an accounting background, I always preferred to use QuickBooks® software over any other accounting program. Being involved in the plant level with my dry cleaning family, I did not have too much of a need for a program for tracking and sales data until I entered the drop store market in 2009.

Before opening the store, I started a small route with my son. We ran the business out of a 10 x 20 warehouse. Before choosing QuickBooks®, I investigated the possibly of using other software programs. I found that they were not only expensive to buy, or lease; many of them needed special hardware. The support packages were also cost prohibitive for a small dry cleaning store. The biggest issue I had with these programs is that there was a very poor method of using the financial data exported (if any). If you could export data, it would have to be converted to a format that accounting programs could understand, hence the problem with your accountant interpreting the data.

Dry Cleaning Software 

Even in today’s market, very few programs, if any export data in an importable format for accounting programs. That is one of the main reasons for DryFi is to have full integration and the ability to export data for your accountant. I bought QuickBooks® 2009, and within 2 months, had configured our first working model, of what was going to be called “DryFi” (Dry for dry cleaning, Fi for financial).

Within the next four years I opened up 4 drop stores, 3 franchises and installed our system into 4 more stores and a route business. The system has been working, as a single and multi-user set-up for nearly 8 years. I have now decided to put it on the market, after years of refining the programs. We have a staff of very knowledgeable people waiting to help you through this transition. I would have your accountant take a look at the DryFi system as well. We are here for any questions you have; feel free to email or call us for further information.