“The world’s first Dry Cleaning Software to work with QuickBooks”

“Serving The Dry Cleaning Industry Since 2007 ”

What is DryFi?
The 3 in 1 solution for your Dry Cleaning Drop Store.
Simply Put – DryFi harnesses the power and reliability of the world’s best and most widely used Accounting program, QuickBooks.
DryFi has created a way to configure and set up Quickbooks to run your Dry Cleaning store. Very “User Friendly”, and extremely easy to learn.
What is the “3 in 1” solution?
– Quick And Reliable POS system
2 – Order Processing And Garment Tracking System
3 – Business management and a complete Financial system integrating DryFi with QuickBooks
DryFi is a software program for (Dry) Cleaners that works with QuickBooks (Fi)nancial software. It is a unique yet simple system to control every aspect of your dry cleaning business from customer drop-off to pick-up, and every process in between. It has all of the features of a POS system, detailed tracking tools, and total seamless integration with QuickBooks for your financial data.
Why is our system so important to you? It will give you the financial control and accuracy that you and your accountant require. It is well known that QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting program in the world. It’s reliability and ease of use is resource you can now tap into. With the accounting export function in QuickBooks you will not only provide your account with your information it will be saving him time; as result saving you money.
Other programs have to use conversion features to allow QuickBooks to import the data, if the program can produce an acceptable format. With DryFi and QuickBooks, there is a seamless interaction of financial data, in real time.Need to check sales, profit, Accounts Receivable?, it is always at your fingertips. With affordable monthly payments for unlimited support, and a one-time set-up fee. You will see that DryFi is the best value in the Dry Cleaning software market today.This program was developed by a Dry Cleaner, which is a huge advantage for you.
When you call for support or training, you will be talking to people with an in-depth knowledge of dry cleaning. We don’t consider ourselves “Techs”. The developer of the system also has a good amount of accounting background which can also be helpful. Please browse the rest of our website and feel free to contact us for questions about our product.

To start the process, complete the contact form.

1- We will send you a registration form to complete and E-Mail back to us
2- We will send you instructions on how to download a COMPLETE, FULL WORKING VERSION of Quickbooks 2018 Pro desktop via E-Mail.
3- Next you will receive a complete, working sample file of DryFi.
4- You will get detailed instructions in combining the 2 programs.

Once the 30 days expires, DryFi and Quickbooks will stop working